“Endodontics” is a term derived from two Greek words. “Endo” means inside, whereas “odons” means tooth. When combined, these words describe the study of the tooth’s inner part, also known as the dental pulp.

What is the Job of an Endodontist?

Endodontists are specialized in treating all kinds of diseases that involve the dental pulp.

Since the dental pulp is the innermost part of the tooth, endodontists must be familiar with it to understand the disease that is affecting this area.

The enamel, which is the tooth’s outermost layer, and the dentin that lies beneath the enamel, protects the dental pulp from outside damage. In simple words, these form a hard casing around the pulp that protects it from being infected by the microbes present in the mouth.

However, this protective cover erodes if the tooth starts to decay, resulting in holes being formed in this layer. This makes the pulp vulnerable, as it now becomes exposed to the microbes. Additionally, it also makes the teeth more sensitive to temperatures on the hotter or colder side.

When to Consult an Endodontist?

The pulp is rich with nerves and blood vessels. If the pulp catches an infection, it can lead to toothache and sensitivity.

This is why it is important to take quick action if you feel any pain or even something unusual in your teeth. If left untreated, it could potentially lead to more significant issues in the future.

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