Endodontics is a specialized field of dentistry. Less than three percent of all the dentist complete the additional education required to become an endodontist.

Although most dental issues can be looked after by a dentist, knowing when to visit an endodontist is crucial. Here, we list different scenarios where visiting an endodontist is a must.

  • Severely Sensitive Teeth: If you consistently feel sensitivity in your tooth whenever you eat something too hot or too cold, then it may be time to see an endodontist. Since endodontic specialists have a deeper understanding of your teeth, they may be able to spot issues that your regular dentist hasn’t already.
  • Facial Trauma After an Accident: If you have recently been in an accident in which you received facial trauma, making an appointment with an endodontist should be a priority. Your teeth may have undergone some trauma that isn’t noticeable on the surface, and delaying the treatment can cause things to worsen, reducing the chances of saving any teeth that have suffered in the accident.
  • Swelling Around The Teeth, Gums, or Face: If you notice any swelling around your face for which you can’t seem to find a reason, an endodontist may be able to help. Many of the issues that cause your face to swell up can be traced back to your teeth.

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