Although visiting a dentist can be a painful process, you will become used to your regular dentist over time. However, some issues may have arisen due to which you were recommended to see an endodontic specialist. Due to a lack of awareness of what an endodontist is and what they can do for you, you may be a little nervous about your appointment.

Who is an Endodontic Specialist?

An endodontic specialist or endodontist is a dentist who studies an advanced specialty program after completing four years of dental school. This program usually lasts for two to three years, where the study is focused upon the diseases of the dental pulp and how they are treated.

Endodontists limit themselves to a single aspect of dentistry, gaining more expertise in that specific area, similar to how a cardiologist has more expertise in treating the heart than a general physician.

The First Appointment

Your first appointment with an endodontist entirely depends on the reason you are visiting. If you don’t have a major issue, it may be possible to get it done and get going within your first appointment. For instance, a simple root canal may not take more than one appointment. However, if you have more severe issues, you may be required to follow-up a few times.

It is important that you take records of your tooth history along with you, ensuring that your treatment is as efficient as possible.

There are also chances that you don’t need an endodontist. In such cases, they will recommend you alternate treatments to make things easy.

Remember that you shouldn’t be anxious about visiting an endodontist, even if it is your first time. They are experts in the field and likely know how to handle your condition most effectively and least painfully possible.

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