Saving Your Tooth With Root Canal Therapy

Root canal procedures are used to safely treat and save millions of teeth each year. When your general dentist refers you to our practice, we work to efficiently diagnose the cause of your tooth pain and create a personalized treatment plan. Many times, that includes root canal therapy, commonly known as root canal treatment — an effective, common option that can save your teeth and prevent the time and cost of replacement via dental prosthetics such as implants, bridges, or dentures.

What is a
Root Canal?

Root Canal Costs and Endodontics Pricing
What is a Root Canal?

The word “endodontic” is derived from Greek terms ‘-endo, meaning inside and -dont meaning tooth. An endodontic procedure is one that treats infection inside a tooth. A root canal is the most commonly performed endodontic treatment procedure.

Every tooth has a root canal space, but not every tooth needs a root canal treatment. In the center of your tooth is dental pulp – a collection of blood vessels, nerves, and tissue that help build the outer elements of your tooth. Dental injuries, tooth decay, faulty crowns, or cracked or chipped teeth, puffy gums (gingivitis), gum infection (gum disease) or repeated dental procedures can cause inflammation and l infections in your tooth.

Endodontic treatment removes the infected or inflamed tissue from inside the tooth. Following careful cleaning and disinfection, the space is then filled and sealed internally. After root canal treatment, the tooth is restored with a filling or crown for protection, allowing it to function again like any other tooth. With routine check-ups and care, most endodontically treated teeth can last a lifetime. To learn more, see this informative video: root canal treatment, step by step.

If you have a tooth injury, loose tooth, swollen gums, sensitivity to cold or hot, pain with biting, or pain in your tooth and gums – you may need an endodontic evaluation. Regular dental check-ups are key – your general dentist may also find an infected tooth on an x-ray exam.

Not all tooth pain requires endodontic care. And so, our team always takes the time to get to know you and learn about your tooth issue before beginning any kind of treatment.

Your visit starts with a friendly endodontic evaluation — reviewing your personal medical and dental history, discussing your primary concerns, performing diagnostic tests, and analyzing all x-rays. Then, we prepare treatment options with the goal of relieving pain, restoring your smile and enabling you to enjoy the foods you love with your natural tooth function.

Today's Modern Root Canal Treatment

We understand the thought of a root canal may make you uneasy and we are here to help. Root canals do not need to be painful. Decades ago that may have been the case, but with our modern technology, procedures and medications, the treatment is virtually painless. Endodontists are experts in pain management, and most cases can be treated quickly and comfortably, and may feel similar to having a cavity filled.

And root canal procedures don’t need to be a hassle on your schedule. In fact, our specialists are grounded in evidence-based science and can usually complete root canal therapy in just one appointment. Plus, you can typically drive home after your treatment and immediately return to your normal routine.

We understand you may still feel nervous about treatment. We are committed to providing a pain-free experience by using modern local anesthetics to keep you comfortable during your root canal procedure. In addition to relaxation amenities such as blankets, in-ceiling T.V. and headphones, and music, we offer sedation dentistry services such as nitrous oxide, known as “laughing gas”. For those requesting oral relaxation pill medications or IV conscious sedation, we can arrange those services following a consultation appointment.

Your care doesn’t stop at the completion of your treatment. Our patient-centered specialists check in with you following treatment and are available by phone after business hours to answer any questions you may have about your endodontic procedure.

Payment and Financing Options

We use the latest techniques in root canal therapy to save your teeth and relieve your pain quickly. While several factors impact the final cost of your root canal therapy, endodontic treatment still ends up being less expensive than having your tooth extracted and replaced with a fixed dental prosthetic such as bridge or dental implant.

That being said, finances should never stand in the way of a healthy, pain-free smile. We accept several dental insurance plans and also have financing options available upon request.

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