Our Advanced Root Canal Treatments

Thanks to major scientific and technological advancements over the past 20 years, root canal treatments are not painful procedures. Today’s modern root canal procedures can be quick and painless – and endodontists are the experts. We use state-of-the-art technologies for quick, comfortable treatment that offers pain relief while saving your tooth. Check out all the available advanced treatment options we offer at Endodontic Specialists to keep your natural teeth, relieve your tooth infection, and restore your smile.

Anesthetics and Sedation Dentistry

Root Canal Costs and Endodontics Pricing
Anesthetics and Sedation Dentistry
Our modern local anesthetics make it even easier to fully numb the tooth and the surrounding areas, eliminating pain during your treatment. For those who would like enhanced relaxation, we also offer the latest sedation dentistry options to reduce anxiety and make your dental procedure as comfortable as possible.

We make your comfort our primary goal, and modern sedation techniques can help make that possible.

CS 9600 3-D Imaging Technology

When it comes to root canal therapy, we use the most cutting-edge, advanced imaging technology to make your treatment precise and pain-free. That’s why we’re happy to integrate the state-of-the-art CS 9600 3-D cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) imaging system into our diagnosis and treatment process at both of our convenient locations.

Created by Carestream Dental, the CS 9600 features breakthrough innovations that enable us to scan our patients quickly, accurately and comfortably. Advanced patient positioned software ensures correct positioning leading to efficient image capture. Utilizing Metal Artifact Reduction (MAR) software, or MAR – the most cutting edge software on the market – the resulting 3-D images are clearer and more defined, having less metallic distortion from existing metal-containing crowns, restorations and implants commonly seen in traditional CBCT imaging. This in-house imaging system also saves you a visit to an outside imaging center thanks to the instant 2D and 3D images it creates.

The CS 9600 imaging system is incredibly safe and allows us to acquire high-quality images at a lower radiation dose than other CT imaging systems. With 14 selectable fields of view, we can select the smallest possible size needed for your specific dental issue, increasing your safety while producing images of the highest clarity for an accurate diagnosis. The system also captures images very quickly, allowing our patients to experience a fast, smooth scanning process. In addition, the system’s open design allows patients to either sit or stand during the scan, accommodating people of all sizes and physical abilities.

Because they are more comfortable during the scanning process, patients are less likely to move and cause blurring, which can create the need to rescan. All these features and functions result in better information, safer scans and more informed diagnoses.

EdgePRO™ Laser Light Technology
EdgePRO uses laser technology to thoroughly clean and disinfect the complexities of your root canal anatomy. EdgePRO™ Radiance “RAD” Cleaning Technology is backed by years of research and peer-reviewed studies, provides highly effective cleaning & debridement, and kills up to 99% of bacteria commonly found in the root canal. This allows us to personalize your treatment based on the micro-anatomy of your specific tooth, and is possible due to the EdgePRO™ RAD” Tips. The RAD Tips emit energy waves that reach deep into complex tooth anatomy, lifting debris that might otherwise be left behind, and allowing us to more predictably save your tooth with less post-operative discomfort.
Minimally Invasive Root Canal Treatment
Our goal is providing the most effective root treatments while also keeping treatment costs affordable for you. That’s why our endodontic treatments are grounded in evidence-based clinical research and treatment philosophies, and also guide the comfortable care you receive. To support minimally invasive endodontic treatments that preserve your natural tooth structure, we offer techniques for enhanced cleaning and rinsing of the inside of your tooth to treat and prevent infection. Using proven procedures and technologies, we offer the latest in passive ultrasonic irrigation rinsing to promote effective and minimally invasive care.
Operating Microscopes
The magnification and fiber optic illumination of dental operating microscopes (DOM) allow our endodontists to see deeper inside the root canal space — down to the tiny details inside your tooth. Some canals are smaller than a human hair, and we are well-equipped to find and navigate them. Enhanced magnification of the root canal spaces allows for quicker and more conservative treatments, preserving more natural tooth structure with the goal of keeping your tooth in chewing condition for many decades.
Modern Instruments
Today’s newer, quieter, vibration-free electric dental handpieces for root canal preparation provide more comfort to patients than ever before, providing efficient treatment that is often completed in only one visit to our office. Additionally, we use ultrasonic instruments during the root canal procedure, which help locate smaller, calcified canals, remove obstructions smoothly, and clean roots more effectively while preserving more natural tooth structure to enhance overall tooth function.
Nickel Titanium Files
A dramatic improvement on past root canal cleaning procedures, our team completes root canal therapies with cleaning instruments that are based on the most advanced engineering designs and principles. Heat-treated nickel titanium cleaning instruments (known as rotary endodontic files) make procedures faster and easier to complete.
Apex Locators
During root canal therapy, we strive to clean the root canal to the very end of the root, also called the “apex.” And our electronic apex locators grant us better root measurement, requiring fewer X-rays during procedures while improving endodontic treatment results.
Regenerative Endodontic Procedures
One of the most remarkable advancements in endodontics is the process of replacing damaged tooth structures to help regain functionality in previously infected root canal systems. Since the early 2000s, endodontics research has continued to develop this crucial benefit to adult teeth with immaturely formed teeth. Teeth with incomplete root development have short roots and thin walls, compromising their longevity and retention. Regenerative therapy can facilitate full root growth with a high level of success. Ask one of our friendly endodontists if pulpal regeneration is the right treatment for you!
The Future of Endodontic Technology
Even with these modern advances in root canal treatment, the field of endodontics will continue to have robust research and development to continually improve both the patient experience and clinical outcomes. As research evolves and new technologies arrive, we remain committed to equipping our offices with established, scientifically-sound technologies that improve your dental health and your endodontic treatment experience.

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