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If you need to find an endodontist in Pueblo, CO, rest assured that our team can take care of all your specialized dentistry needs. Whether you need treatment for dental emergencies, tooth fractures, or relief for a toothache, our endodontic specialists can take the pain away with root canal therapy, providing the advanced oral treatment your natural teeth need.

We are specialists in saving teeth through root canal treatment, and we proudly offer scheduled treatment and emergency endodontics in Pueblo. Contact us to schedule your endodontic evaluation today!

Why We Love Serving the Pueblo, CO Area

Less than two hours away from Denver, just 45 miles south of Colorado Springs, and only 30 minutes away from Fort Carson, the historic city of Pueblo, Colorado sits in the southern-most extent of the front range. Originally founded as a small fort in 1842, the city of Pueblo currently represents the consolidation of four towns: Pueblo, South Pueblo, Central Pueblo, and Bessemer.

As a local, veteran-owned business for over 40 years, we value the rich history of Pueblo, CO. Dubbed as the “Home of Heroes,” Pueblo boasts being the hometown of four Medal of Honor recipients, including William J. Crawford, Carl L. Sitter, Raymond G. Murphy, and Drew D. Dix. In fact, President Dwight D. Eisenhower famously quipped that there must be “something in the water,” while presenting Murphy with his medal in 1953. Military attractions such as the Heroes Plaza and the Pueblo Weisbrod Aircraft.

Often referred to as the Steel City of the West, the city attracted a large amount of immigrant laborers in the early twentieth century, and, to this day, Pueblo offers rich cultural and ethnic diversity.

Each year, Pueblo attracts people from all over the state by hosting the Colorado State Fair — Colorado’s largest single event. Residents and tourists alike enjoy attractions like the Pueblo River Walk, Rosemount Museum, and Sangre de Cristo Art and Conference Center. The city also stands as the corporate headquarters of Professional Bull Riders Inc. and the home of the Steelworks Museum of Industry and Culture, a great fit as one of the largest steel-producing cities in the United States.

When looking for an affordable place to live in Colorado, Pueblo is hard to beat, with one of the least expensive residential real estate averages of all major cities in the state. Considering that the costs of housing, goods and services, utilities, transportation, groceries and health care are lower than the national average, Pueblo was named one of the best, affordable places to live by the AARP in 2013.

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