Endodontic and Root Canal Cost

Finances should never stand in the way of getting the dental treatment and tooth pain relief you need. That’s why we do everything we can at Endodontic Specialists of Colorado to keep root canal costs and endodontics pricing affordable as possible for our patients.

A Breakdown of Our Fees

A Breakdown of Our Fees

We make our billing and payment process simple for your convenience. For our root canal procedures, we include the following services in our fees:

  • Consultation
  • Exam
  • X-ray imaging (intraoral)
  • Diagnostic testing
  • Diagnostic findings review with the doctor
  • Needed dental procedure, root canal procedure, or endodontic treatment
  • Temporary filling for your tooth crown prior to returning to your general dentist
  • Necessary local anesthesia and oral medications
  • Possible follow-up appointments

The cost varies depending on complexity and which tooth type is affected (e.g. molar, premolar or incisor/canine). Most dental insurance policies provide some coverage for endodontic treatment. Select services will incur additional fees. Examples include advanced sedation services, 3D cone-beam CT (CBCT) imaging, or if your general dentist requests we place a restorative filling in your crown at the time of root canal treatment. Also, please note that any permanent tooth filling or restoration (core build up, crown, crown repair, etc.) required after endodontic therapy will be completed at the dental office of your general dentist and is not included in our fees.

We assure you, before performing root canals or beginning any endodontic treatment, we always take time to discuss your case in detail and answer any financial questions you may have.

Financing Options

We ask for payment in full on the day of your treatment and accept cash, personal checks, major credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, and Discover), and the CareCredit healthcare credit card.

However, we know that even with these options, budgetary concerns can still stand in the way of seeking treatment and the oral health care you need. That’s why we have team members dedicated to helping you navigate billing, payment, financing, and insurance.

We want you to fully understand the cost of a root canal and be advised of all payment options available. Please contact our office to speak directly with our team prior to your endodontic treatment to ask questions and arrange an affordable dental payment plan.

What Do My Dental Benefits Cover?

We accept several major dental benefit plans and can help submit your claim to maximize your benefits.

While dental plans offer financial assistance, rarely does this type of insurance cover the entire fee for your endodontic or root canal treatment. Contact your insurance provider to review your dental plan benefits, including yearly maximums, deductibles, and in-network and out-of-network benefits.

Our team will submit charges to your insurance company on your behalf and accept payment directly from them. We ask patients to pay an estimated percentage plus deductible (if applicable) on the day services are rendered. Upon receipt of your company’s dental care benefit, we will promptly refund or bill any balance to you.

While the name and plans of insurance we accept are subject to change, we are currently in-network with the following insurance providers:

Excellence in customer service is always our goal. If you have other questions about how our office will handle or process your dental insurance, please don’t hesitate to contact us to speak directly to a financial coordinator.

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