If the bones and tissue supporting the teeth begin to erode, food debris and harmful bacteria can enter the bloodstream, causing severe health problems. The American Dental Association recommends that you visit the dentist every six months for a dental cleaning and a checkup, so dental issues can be caught and treated before they can damage your health.

Gum Disease and Heart Conditions

Periodontal disease (an advanced case of gum disease) can harm your overall health. If left untreated for long enough, gum disease can also increase the risk of heart disease and strokes. Additionally, people with gum disease are more likely to suffer from coronary artery disease.

Make sure to provide your dentist with your complete medical history and a list of prescription medications you are currently taking. If you have an existing heart condition, please let your dentist know, as he or she may need to consult with your physician before performing a dental procedure.

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