Whether you are relocating or simply looking to change dentists, choosing a dental office for your family can be an overwhelming task. Dental insurance –– or lack thereof –– and family needs can make the search even more difficult. It can feel impossible to find everything you need in one dental practice! When you’re finding a dentist, you’re searching for more than just a person who can clean your teeth. You’re looking for a dentist who cares about your dental and overall health, and can provide safe, comfortable treatment when you need it.

Choosing the right dentist for your family doesn’t have to be complicated. Knowing the right questions to ask and things to research go a long way in finding the right dental practice for your family.

Where to Start Your Search for a New Dentist

Most cities and towns have their fair share of dental offices. You may have even received mailers announcing new offices or seen ads on social media. A quick Google search will result in multiple options. As you start searching, keep in mind that you should take online reviews with a grain of salt. Everyone has different dental needs and expectations for their dental practice. Online reviews are a helpful tool, but shouldn’t be the only tool.

Instead, consider trying some of these tips when starting your search for a new dentist:

  • Use the Find-A-Dentist tool from the American Dental Association. Search by name, location, and specialty.
  • Ask a trusted friend or relative. Chances are, your friends and family have done their research. Consider asking for their recommendations.
  • If you don’t have benefits or have trouble affording dental services, your local health department or nearby dental schools can help you find care.

Once you have a few dental providers on your list, you can research their websites and social media accounts to learn more about their practices.

What to Ask When Finding a Dentist

Don’t wait till your first dental exam to get to know more about your new dentist. Prior to scheduling an appointment, asking some questions will give you an idea of whether or not a dental practice will be the right fit for your family.

Here are a few ways you can find out what you need to know:

  • Ask about insurance and payment plans. One of the first things you should ask is if the practice in question takes your insurance. If not, you will need to choose whether or not you still want to pursue that option. If you don’t have dental insurance, ask any prospective office about payment plans. Many offices offer flexible payment plans for patients who do not have dental insurance, but it’s best to find out your options prior to scheduling an exam.
  • Ask about emergencies. Unfortunately, dental emergencies happen, and you’ll want to know if a potential new dentist offers emergency dental services. Ask the dental office about their emergency policy and if they’re flexible enough to fit you or your family member in at the last minute if you have an emergency.
  • Talk to the dentist and staff members. Next, schedule a time to visit the practice and talk to the staff. Bring along children to make sure they feel comfortable in the office.
  • Consider location and hours. It’s a good idea to ask about the location and hours of the office you’re considering. For instance, if the practice at the top of your list is on the other side of town with limited office hours, it may not be the best choice for your family.

Finding a dentist is difficult, but it’s certainly possible to find a dentist who will provide quality care for your family. Doing your research and asking thorough questions will be the best strategy in choosing the right dentist for your family.

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