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IV Sedation Instructions

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The instructions herein must be strictly adhered to before commencing with anesthesia. Neglecting any of the following may compel the doctor to cancel the start of treatment.

ACCOMPANIED BY AN ADULT – All sedation patients must be accompanied to and from the appointment by a responsible adult. The responsible adult should remain in the office during the appointment unless otherwise authorized by the practitioner.

EATING AND DRINKING – Do not eat anything after midnight the day before your scheduled appointment. Those for afternoon treatment may have a light breakfast six (6) hours prior to treatment (i.e: toast, breakfast bars) Do not consume dairy products (i.e: eggs, milk, cheese) No solid foods after that time. You may have clear liquids up to 3 hours before your treatment. (i.e: apple or cranberry juice) Do not consume dairy or drinks containing caffeine.

MEDICATIONS – Medications normally taken should be taken unless otherwise agreed upon by this office and may be taken only with a sip of water.

CLOTHING AND MAKEUP – Casual clothing with short sleeves is desirable. As are two-piece outfits, to allow easy monitor application. Contact lenses must be removed before appointment. Do not wear fingernail polish the day of the appointment.

CHANGE IN HEALTH – A change in your health, especially the development of a cold or fever is important. For your safety, you may be re-appointed for another day. Please inform this office of any change in your health prior to your appointment.

GETTING HOME – The patient MUST be driven home by a responsible adult (buses or cabs are unacceptable)


HOME - A responsible adult should be with the patient until the next day.

REST – Go home and rest for the remainder of the day. Do not drive a motor vehicle or perform any hazardous tasks for the remainder of the day.

DRINKING AND EATING – Food and beverage may be taken when desired. It should be soft and not hot. No alcoholic beverages for 24 hours. A feeling of nausea may occasionally develop after sedation. The following may help you feel better:

  • Lying down for awhile
  • Drinking a carbonated beverage
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