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Root Canal Advancements

Below are some of the recent advancements in root canal therapy:

  • Anesthetics – Our current anesthetics and techniques make it even easier to numb the entire tooth and the surrounding areas, so you won’t feel pain during your treatment. We also offer more sedation options for patients with higher dental anxiety.
  • Modern Instruments – The newer, quieter vibration free electric motor hand pieces for root canal preparation provide more comfort to patients than ever before. Additionally, we use ultrasonic instruments during the root canal procedure. They help identify small, calcified canals, remove obstructions, and clean roots more effectively. 
  • Nickel Titanium Files – Our new, fourth generation, heat treated, Edge Endo Niti files are dramatically more flexible and breakage resistant than anything previously available.
  • Microscopes – Surgical operating microscopes are used to see deeper inside the root canal space. Observing greater minute details, through smaller openings, providing for stronger teeth and more through, successful root canal therapy. 
  • Apex Locators – During root canal therapy, the goal is to clean the root canal to the very end of the root, also called the 'apex.' If the apex isn't located with exacting precision, it may compromise the treatment result. Electronic apex locators allow for better root measurement, fewer X-rays and improved treatment results.    

If you’d like more information about how root canal advancements are improving the root canal therapy procedure, please contact Endodontic Specialists. We have three locations in Colorado Springs North, Colorado Springs South, and Pueblo, Colorado.