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Common Causes of White Spots on the Teeth

A person smiling while the doctor is using tools on their teeth

Numerous things can cause stains on the tooth teeth, and these stains can come in various colors. Brown and yellow stains are the most common, but you've probably noticed that temporary staining can be the result of brightly colored candy. However, you may not know that some stains are white.

Common Causes of White Stains on the Teeth

  1. Demineralization – Demineralization is when the calcium is gradually being leached of calcium. Enough acid exposure or plaque buildup will eventually lead to some level of demineralization. Demineralization can be prevented with good oral hygiene habits.
  2. Fluorosis – Surface stains can sometimes appear on healthy teeth. Fluorosis is one of the main culprits and occurs during the development of permanent teeth when exposed to too much fluoride. Fluorosis will not damage the tooth but will cause esthetic problems like uneven bleaching and white spots. To avoid fluorosis, restrict the amount of fluoride toothpaste for your family—a grain-of-rice amount for kids under two and a pea-sized dab for school-aged kids.
  3. Enamel Hypoplasia – Lastly, an unlucky minority of the population has white spots because of enamel hypoplasia, which creates thinner tooth enamel than usual. The weaker enamel put the teeth in danger of tooth decay and stains.

If you are concerned or self-conscious about white spots on the teeth, contact your general dentist to make an appointment.

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Posted on Nov 9, 2020



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