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Causes of Tooth Staining & Discoloration

Portrait of woman and smileThere are several ways that teeth can become stained or discolored. The three main reasons for tooth staining discoloration are extrinsic stains, intrinsic stains, and age-related stains.

  • Extrinsic Stains – Extrinsic staining occurs on the outermost layer of the tooth enamel. These types of stains are commonly caused by smoking cigarettes, chewing tobacco, and drinking red wines, dark sodas, or coffee.
  • Intrinsic Stains – Intrinsic staining occurs when the inside of the tooth, called the dentin, begins to darken and yellow. This type of staining is due to:
    • Ingesting too much fluoride as a child
    • Trauma to the affected tooth during development
    • Internal bleeding in the tooth
    • Tetracycline antibiotics in early childhood
  • Age-Related Stains – Lastly, stains related to the natural part of aging are both intrinsic and extrinsic. The dentin will begin to naturally yellow over time, and the enamel will begin to thin. This allows the darker dentin to become more visible, causing the teeth to appear yellow.

Teeth can be bleached and whitened, but it takes time to obtain results. Here at Endodontic Specialists, we recommend avoiding foods or beverages that can cause staining to the teeth. If you can’t avoid them, it’s important to brush your teeth or rinse your mouth with water after consumption.

If your oral health requires more advanced procedures, a root canal for example, make an appointment with one of our highly skilled endodontic specialists. You may contact one of our three locations in Colorado Springs North and Pueblo, Colorado.

Posted on Feb 13, 2018
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