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Benefits of a Labial Frenectomy

picture of a gap in between a person's two front teeth (labial frenum)

Frenectomies are an oral procedure where a frenum in the mouth is removed with a laser. A frenum is an attachment between two tissues in the mouth – on the gums, cheeks, and lips. The two types of a frenum in the mouth are known as the lingual frenum and the labial frenum. Today we will learn about the labial frenum.

What Is a Labial Frenum?

The labial frenum is a tissue that connects the center of the upper gums (between the two front teeth) to the upper lip. If this frenum goes down too far on the gum tissue, it can cause a large gap between the two front teeth. If it’s too tight, the labial frenum can also cause gum recession by pulling the gums off the jawbone.

A labial frenectomy is usually taken care of after the eruption of the two front permanent teeth. This is because a labial frenum sometimes takes care of itself during the growth of these teeth. However, if the labial frenum is causing pain or discomfort to younger children, a frenectomy will be performed before the permanent teeth come in.

Benefits of a Labial Frenectomy

  • Improves bite function
  • Help reduce pain and discomfort
  • Promotes self-confidence in young adults and teens
  • Eliminates the tooth gap between the two front teeth

To learn more about frenectomies or if you have a gap in your front teeth that makes you feel self-conscious, please contact your general dentist. It’s important to know all your options!

If you have concerns about your endodontic treatment or appointment, please contact Endodontic Specialists of Colorado at one of our two locations; Colorado Springs and Pueblo, Colorado.

Posted on Feb 10, 2020
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