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5 Common Causes of Halitosis

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In simple terms, halitosis is also known as bad breath. This condition can be embarrassing, causing self-consciousness and even social withdrawal from friends and family. Halitosis is most commonly caused by poor oral hygiene habits and may also be an indication of certain dental health problems.

Halitosis Causes

Below are a few common reasons why you may be suffering from halitosis:

  1. Poor oral hygiene habits
  2. Food debris trapped inside the mouth
  3. Dry mouth or lack of saliva
  4. Periodontal disease (an advanced form of gum disease)
  5. Infection in a tooth or teeth

If the teeth aren’t properly cleaned by being brushed, flossed, and professionally cleaned by a dental professional every six months, it may lead to a buildup of plaque. Plaque can cause gum disease, dental cavities, and will contribute to the odor associated with halitosis.

Treating Halitosis

While halitosis can be unpleasant, there is some good news. This is that dental professionals can treat it relatively easily. Treatment of halitosis includes a deep, professional cleaning of the gum tissue and the teeth, which will eliminate the odor. In the future, your dentist can help you learn proper oral hygiene techniques to prevent chronic bad breath from returning.

If your halitosis is caused by an infection in a tooth, it may be necessary to receive a root canal. If you are suffering from halitosis and believe you may have an infection in a tooth, please contact Endodontic Specialists. Our two locations are in Colorado Springs, and Pueblo, Colorado.

Posted on Jan 27, 2020



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