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4 Reasons to Stay Current with Your Dental Exams

A woman sitting in a dental chair having her teeth cleaned

Caring for your teeth and gums is important; not just for your smile but for your overall health as well! Gingivitis and other dental diseases have been linked to heart disease, diabetes, and strokes. In addition to brushing twice a day and flossing every day, it’s also important to visit your general dentist every 6 months for a dental cleaning and a checkup.

4 Reasons to Stay Current with Your Dental Exams

Below are a few important reasons why you should stay on top of your dental cleanings and checkups:

  1. Cancer detection – Every dental checkup includes an oral cancer screening. Early diagnosis of oral cancer is a very important part of improving your diagnosis.
  2. Gum disease prevention – Gum disease is when the buildup of plaque begins to irritate and infect the gum tissue. If left untreated, gum disease can lead to bone loss and the loss of the teeth.
  3. Maintaining oral health – Visiting your dentist regularly allows your dentist to keep track of your oral health. This makes it easier to check if something is abnormal, allowing them to catch any problems early on.
  4. Achieving a healthy smile – Lastly, a healthy and beautiful smile goes a long way towards improving confidence. Visiting the dentist every 6 months is the best way to help you achieve your oral health goals and maintain the results.

Because of the research tying oral health in with physical health and heart problems, it’s more important than ever to focus more on your dental health. In addition to at-home oral hygiene habits, regular dental cleanings will help keep your gums and teeth healthy, which will keep the rest of you healthy as well! If you’re due for a cleaning and a checkup, give your general dentist a call!

If you would like to make an appointment with a skilled endodontist, please contact Endodontic Specialists today. We have offices in Colorado Springs, and Pueblo, Colorado.  

Posted on Apr 27, 2020
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